Saturday, October 31, 2009

artsydney and other stuff

We just got 'trick or treated' by a kid who wasn't even dressed up one bit, we're so lame with Halloween down here.

In other news, I sold out at Art Sydney!!! I was hoping they would like biro as a medium in Sydney and luckily for me they did! Thanks a million to Bree and the gang at Retrospect for lugging all my stuff down there, thank goodness they didn't have to bring it all back!! So stoked.


In other news, the Day of the Dead Show opens tomorrow at Retrospect, get along!

Also, i've been super busy getting ready for the show following that at Retrospect, it's called The Smalls Show, that's the one i'm doing the hairy fruit and vegetables for. I've done 6, i've got 3 to go.

So far i've done an Apple, an Avocado, a Cabbage, a Banana, a cob of Corn and some Grapes, all as hairy as a female human,or a male human with long hair.

Here's a sneaky photo of what i've done so far.


And here's a photo of me working my arse off (next to some awesome flowers).



TheShyParty November 2, 2009 at 11:16 AM  

I'd like you to design my next perm please.