Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FIND: Darkroom Timer, Rulers & a Printers Drawer

I've been finding a lot of amazing stuff lately. The things i'm getting have ridiculous amounts of character and authentic ware, they're unique and I think that's what I love so much.

Here are a couple of things for the sake of posting.

Novex Darkroom Timer:

Loving the simplistic design and type used on the face, nice.

Folding Timber Rulers:

I've started to develop a bit of a thing for timber rulers. They seem to ware super nice, especially when they get oily and beaten around a bit.

Timber Printers Drawer / Tray

This is amazing! I got this Printers Drawer from a garage sale a few weeks back. It looks home made maybe, and the dividers are painted in three different pastels, the timber is beautifully weathered and its super sturdy. Awesome find.

Take it easy, Troy