Wednesday, September 9, 2009

new camera

When I was 16 I spent $1500 on a film camera, yep, back before digital! I loved that camera more than life itself. It was a Pentax Z20, and I had saved up for about 6 months to get it. I messed around with it for a little while and absolutely loved taking photos, my photo's sucked but my true love for photography had been ignited.


After a short time I lent it to a friend who was going to Byron Bay for the day, she was an older girl that I trusted and a good friend so... To cut a long story short I never got the camera back and I never replaced it. She told me that it was stolen but I never fully believed her. It might be true but something just didn't fit.

Anyway, today, 17 years later I finally got the courage to replace it! I bought myself a Canon 1000D, what a beautiful little camera. Maybe the D stands for Digital cause I can't find where the damn film goes!


This thing is absolutely amazing, i'm in love again.

I've taken one photo, check it out:


Take it easy.