Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm travelling with my friend Colin Wyatt, he's a funny character. I thought I played pranks and mucked around, he takes it to a whole new level, so good to travel with someone as rediculous as me.

These are our shoes, our feet are inside but you can't see them.


We ambled around San Francisco for a few days, looking at shops and galleries and of course the spectrum of weirdo's that big cities attract. Really amazing characters are everywhere. Like these two hotties.


We ended up going out one night, when we got back to the hotel this fiesty mama was hanging around legless with a tiara on her haggard melon out front.


We left SF and went down to LA, such a big contrast between the two cities. We stayed at the Standard in Hollywood for a couple of nights, ran into some people from home and went out for dinner. Ran into Sophie Monk at the restaurant and had a chat, she's a nice lady.

This is my friend Colin in our room, he spent days telling me how bad the hotel was, once we got there he told me he was lieing.


So now we've arrived down at Laguna, for the business end of the trip. Laguna is always nice, it's never rained while i've been here, for some reason i'd like it to piss down.

Having a great time.

Speak soon,