Friday, March 20, 2009

friday's drop

First there was 'Photo Monday', then came 'Type Tuesday'. I've done an OK job at staying on schedule, my work has been crappy to say the least but i'm on calendar which is good.

so now i've decided to throw myself even further into the frying pan, this time with 'Friday's Drop'.

Friday's Drop will be a piece of art that i've created, either in the past, or in the current week. I can't cop out and post someone elses work, this is my little thing, once a week.

Today's Friday Drop is an old piece. A long time ago I had a quiet day at work, so i grabbed a piece of black texture card and a pencil and spent some time making this, not sure why i did a skull?


So that's it, apologies for the big introduction to this new kick ass feature!

Have a good weekend if we don't talk again today.