Monday, November 14, 2011

The United States of America

I'm in Sydney Airport, just one step away from being back home after a short but inspiring trip to the US.

I spent a few days in San Francisco, a few days in LA, then a few days in Palm Springs.

Here is a serving of pictures to go along with it.

Jeremy Fish 'Silly Pink Bunnies' install on Haight St, SF.

There is a multitude of great signage all over the place in SF. John's Grill - no exception.

San Francisco Trolley Cars look good and carry you places, simple and effective.

People put lots of posters on the poles over there.

A visit to San Fran wouldn't be complete without going to the MOMA.

Made my way down to Palm Springs which was amazing!

If you're interested in Mid Century Architecture, Palm Springs is a must visit place!

Cheers! Troy