Monday, October 17, 2011

FIND: Archer & Archer

We're in the throws of launching a side project called Archer & Archer.

Basically it's a constructive way to use all the amazing things we have gathered (and continue to gather), occasionally it's nice to blow the dust off something and see it get used in a photoshoot, or even bought for someones home or office.

We buy, sell and hire anything that looks like it's past its used by date, or is from an era we maybe wish we were in now.

It's fun, shooting everything is awesome, and it gives me a good excuse to keep hunting for stuff!

We'd be bloated with happiness if you came and joined the blog we're running for it!

Here's some of the stuff we've got going on over there:

Come check us out, oh and of course we have a facebook, and we'd love your LIKE's!

Cheers, Troy