Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ART: The Opening Hours interview

What a pleasure it is to be featured on The Opening Hours website.

I'd use the term 'humbled' but I don't really understand what that means. I do hear people using it in this context though?

Right now I just feel special because i've always loved The Opening Hours.

Thanks Elliott.


S Wadey July 7, 2011 at 11:02 PM  

Gday Troy! mann i recently discovered your blog while sifting through the haystack the internet has become, looking for some needles.
I really love your shit mann! and am interested not only by your amazing biro skills and the interesting tidbits you find at the tip but by an uncanny connection we share.
I myself was born and raised in Mona Vale but have since moved to Paddington with my beautiful girlfriend,( i am currently doing a fine art diploma at brookvale tafe but hope to move on to cofa or NAS next year) I am obsessed with using ballpoint pens as a drawing implement and the honesty of their use and am also in love with impasto painting and the liveleyness of its surface particually when painting elderly people, shiiit and i skate daily!

Anyway mann sorry to open up like this to a complete stranger but yeh im getting some twilght zone vibes ( your probly getting some madd stalker vibes off me!) Basically just phscyed on your work and helpd me answer the question i often ask myself "what the fuck am i doing with myself?"

looking foward to 12x12 this month.

I have a small blog of my work if your interseted

cheer mang- S Wadey