Saturday, April 9, 2011

FIND: A garage full of goodness!

Ok, so I've not updated this blog for a little while for a couple of reasons.

One of them is that i've been drawing so much for the 5 shows i've been invited into between now and December, and the other reason is because i've found so much stuff the last week and a bit, so shooting photo's (of some of it) was going to take time.

So here is some stuff, excuse the long post.

Scrabble, 1940/50's edition, amazing! Really amazing!

This got me excited when I found it at a little Op Shop in Paradise Point.

It's in amazing condition, isn't missing a single letter tile and has the most amazing colours and fonts going on.

I am totally stoked on this!

Timber Ammunition Box, 1957 maybe.

Got this gem at one of my local tip shops.

Antler Chandelier, this thing isn't old I don't think, but it's insane none the less!

Garage Sale in Southport turned that up for me.

Bushells Tea Tin - not sure of the age, i'll work that out later.

Got this at a Garage Sale on Kennedy Drive, Tweed Heads, hidden under the fake YSL bags.

This is such a little beauty, i found it tough to find any info so i'm not sure of it's age, but I kow for sure it's lost some colour, looks amazing though.

Dunlop Puncher Kit. The Midget.

Another garage sale pick up. This little tin is rad, the design, the simple type work, the colouring, I love it!

Ilford Film Canister . Well and truly from days gone by, no pixels were ever in that container. Again, amazing colouring and fonts.

I got this great little guy from a Garage Sale near my house.

Vintage Kodak Film Canister.

How rad is the embossed lettering, and the colour is super nice too.

Got this from the same Garage Sale as the Ilford Canister.

Ken Done 'Frangipani' Signed and Numbered Print.

I picked up this at a Garage Sale in Mermaid Waters. This was a pretty random find and at $5 I was pretty stoked. I'm a big Ken Done fan so this was a nice surprise.

Vintage Norco Ice Cream Tin.

I love this tin, it's colour, the graphics, the fonts, this thing is awesome.

Here's a little secret... the Ilford and Kodak Canisters and the Dunlop puncher kit were inside this gem. Surprise!

Vintage small port case.

Just awesome. I bought this off an old man in Nerang. He was such a nice fellow and he was happy to see this go to me because I was so excited about it. Thankyou old chap.

1930/40's Black Western Electric Bakelite Desk Phone.

This thing is beautiful, grabbed this from one of my local tip shops last weekend for $10. It's heavy and it's dying to be used again!

Last but not last forever, is this Vintage KBC Power Chief drill box and manual.

Thanks tip shop, i love the colours of the box, the manual is amazing too. Check out the illustration of the drill, along with the freestyle title texts, awesome!

That's it from me for right now, I got some great stuff again this morning but i'll wait to post that stuff sometime soon.

Cheers, Troy