Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm off again

This is my new thing, and i think i'll be on this trip for a while.

Basically what i'm doing is taking prints or originals that I find or buy, or even pieces i've had kicking around at home, then add this triangular pattern to certain parts. It's super fun and the piece itself tends to dictate where the pattern needs to go, i'm really enjoying it.

The other thing that I absolutely love about this is that I have to go and find pieces to add the pattern to, which is amazing because there is almost nothing in existence that I love more than treasure hunting, honestly, it's pretty much my favourite thing!

I've been working almost exclusively with biro for a couple of years, so it's nice to be super hooked on something with infinite colour and shape opportunities.

I'm working on a whole new body of work like this, so i'll keep you posted.

This is done over a vintage rose print on a heavyweight and blemished paper.

This is done in conjunction with a biro piece I had hanging around.

Cheers, Troy